Appraisal Process


The Importance of a Professional Appraiser

During any real estate transaction, it is imperative for all parties involved to have an accurate and detailed appraisal of the property’s actual value.  A licensed, certified appraiser is a non-biased third party who has been thoroughly trained in evaluating every aspect of a piece of real estate, whether it is a vacant lot, primary residence, second home, or rental property (among others).  Hiring the right appraiser can also speed up the transaction, as well as reduce the chances of encountering troublesome issues with a loan underwriter.  We’re happy to say that we have very few underwriter revision requests, which is great news for our customers!

The Property Inspection

During your appraisal appointment, which normally takes about 30 minutes, our appraiser will do a walk-through inspection of both the interior and exterior of your property.  At this time, detailed notes will be taken about the condition, quality and features (including any outbuildings), as well as any improvements the homeowner has made.  The appraiser will also take a few measurements, which will assist them in drafting up a floor plan of the living area and property structures.   The owner may be present for the inspection if they choose, or instructions for access can be given if that is more convenient.

The Appraisal Report

After the property inspection, the appraiser will research comparable sold properties and current listings in the local area that have similar market value defining characteristics.  Some of the characteristics include size (gross living area), age, room count, amenities, lot size,  quality and condition.  The market history of these properties will also be considered, as well as current market values.  Once the information is compiled, a detailed appraisal report will be submitted to the client.  For our customers’ convenience, reports can even be sent by email or electronically uploaded.

Appraised Value vs. Market Value

The appraised value of a property is an important guideline for other parties determining valuation, such as realtors and sellers setting a sales price, buyers seeking a mortgage, owners trying to refinance, tax assessors re-evaluating a home or lenders considering extending a home equity loan.  Due to factors like constantly changing market conditions and sales negotiations, it is not uncommon for the final sales price or market value of a home to differ from the recent appraised value.


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